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Acro Dance Classes for ages 3 upwards offer a fun and friendly introduction to acrobatic dance. AcroTrix is a foundational program for Acro Dance.  Made popular by TV shows like ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘The Next Step’ kids really want to learn how to execute the tricks and flips shown in these programs and on Youtube. This class will give the foundations for these moves to be executed in a safe and dedicated class. Children will be able to work through the grades and levels set out by AcroTrix.

In our Acro dance classes the children will learn how to cartwheel, back bend, handstand and backflip. Partner lifts and tricks are also taught as well as balancing techniques. During the term students will spend a lot of time on stretching and conditioning in order to gain the flexibility and strength required for the tricks. All these elements will also develop and support their other dance styles.

It is a prerequisite that this style is learnt alongside another dance class. This means that acro should be taken as an additional class. To find out more information on prices please fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch.

What to wear:

We have a uniform for this class of leotard and shorts. Barefeet or foot thongs. Our Acro uniform is now available to buy through our uniform website –

Contact us now for more information or details on how to enrol.

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