Children’s Classes for 3-5yrs at DM Studios

We have an ever expanding range of children’s classes for 3-5yrs for your child to enjoy here at DM Studios.  Children can start from as young as 18months in our Dinky Movers classes. We are really keen to give all the children the best opportunities in dance.  We aspire to help your child, keep fit, make new friends and have loads of fun doing the hobby they love…dance!

There is lots of opportunity for your child to take part in exams and performances if they wish to. Classes are kept relatively small so that we can offer the best quality teaching and all classes are taught by fully trained teachers who we have found to be the best in their industry.

Take a look at our class timetable for information about days and times below but please note that not all classes will appear in the timetable due to the way you enrol your child, all of our children’s classes are paid for monthly. You will be asked to add your bank card details to our Dancers Portal and we will charge your card at the beginning of each month for the number of classes in that month. We have a one off, non refundable £25 registration fee which will be charged when you first enrol. This registration fee includes a Free t-shirt.  Please feel free to contact us on 02380 635801 or email if you would like to know more or sign up for your child’s first class?


Classes for ages 4 upwards, a fun and friendly introduction to ballet. Our fantastic teacher Miss Grace will help your little one become the ballerina they’ve always dreamed of.

Ballet, Tap and Modern Combo Class

Our just for fun combo class on a Saturday morning is for children aged 3-5 yrs who wish to learn a little bit of each style.  The class is fast paced, cramming in all three styles into a 45 minute time frame and energetic.  This gives the little ones a taste of each style so that they can go on to one of our exam classes with a basic knowledge of the style.

Tap/Modern Combo

At this age our tap and modern styles are combined together to give the children a view of both, they can then specialise once they reach the age of 5. Children will burn off that excess energy while vigorously tapping and jumping, increasing cardiovascular fitness, building muscle control, co-ordination, flexibility and strength. Not to mention the concentration, musicality and numerical skills required to keep up with the beat. Following a structured ISTD Tap syllabus, the children will also get opportunity to take exams and gain certificates and a medal.

Acro Dance

Acro Dance Classes for ages 3 upwards offer a fun and friendly introduction to acrobatic dance. Acrobatic Arts is a foundational program for Acro Dance.  Made popular by TV shows like ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘The Next Step’ kids really want to learn how to execute the tricks and flips shown in these programs and on Youtube. This class will give the foundations for these moves to be executed in a safe and dedicated class. Children will be able to work through the grades and levels set out by Acrobatic Arts.

Dinky Movers

These classes have been designed to help your child from the age of 18 months to 4 years with their co-ordination, balance and rhythm whilst letting them explore dance and music in a fun environment.

Street Dance 4-7yrs

Suitable for children from 4 years old, this class focuses on popular street and hip hop styles in a fun and informative class. No previous dance experience is needed and boys are also welcome in the class.

Just 4 Boyz Class

Our ‘Just 4 Boyz’ class is a specifically tailored program for the boys.  In it they learn a bit of everything to give them a well rounded dance education, all whilst being fun.

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