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Does Your Child Want to Take Dance to the Next Level?

Sign your child up for ballet, tap modern and acro classes, they can do just one discipline or all of them. Dance promotes physical strength, better poise and posture, increased co-ordination and flexibilty.  It also helps them to develop their creativity, rhythm and a passion for dance that will last them a lifetime…

Ballet for ages 3-16+ year olds

Classes for ages 3 upwards, a fun and friendly introduction to ballet. Our fantastic teacher Miss Grace will help your little one become the ballerina they’ve always dreamed of.

Tap for ages 3 to 16+ year olds

A fun introduction to tap dance for children.  Tap dancing is a great introduction to a dance style that challenges your child to create rhythmical patterns with their feet. The children will learn towards exams with the ISTD.

Acrobatic Arts for ages 3 to 16+ year olds

Classes for ages 3 upwards, a fun and friendly introduction to acrobatic dance. Acrobatic Arts is a foundational program for Acro Dance.  Made popular by TV shows like ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘The Next Step’ kids really want to learn how to execute the tricks and flips shown. This class will give the foundations for these moves in a safe and dedicated class.

Modern for ages 3 to 16+ year olds

Classes for ages 3 upwards, a fun and friendly introduction to modern. Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities.

Does Your Little one dream of being a Dancer on the Stage?

Dance builds poise, confidence, stamina, grace, rhythmicality and many more skills which are vital in any dancer. DM Studios are excited to offer Ballet, Tap and Modern as a fun class for ages 3-10+ Offering examinations through the ISTD – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.  As well as Acrobatic Arts which is learning the acrobatic moves to perform alongside dance. This will give your child the great foundation blocks for a life as a dancer.

Classes will run termly and must be paid for in advance, this is to help all participants get the best out class and ensure a level of commitment. The first two classes are a paid trial to see and make sure it is something your child wants to pursue.

We teach graded exam work so that you know that your little one is learning through a proven system to increase their confidence and express their creativity while being supported in a safe environment with our experienced teachers. Ballet, Tap, Modern and Acro are the foundations of dance and will give your child a fantastic start to their dance career.

We like to keep classes relatively small so please don’t wait to sign up as we’d hate for you to be disappointed.

If you have any questions please contact us: or phone 02380 635801

Who are we? And where are we?

DM Studios is the sister studio of the long established DM Dance Centre in Portswood, run by Philip and Christine Diment for 40 years.

​We are situated near Shamrock Quay and just down the road from Southampton Football club.

​Our building has undergone extensive renovation to become one of the best dancing schools in the South with sprung wooden flooring, ballet barres, mirrors and air conditioning. No more dancing in dark and dingy village halls our facilities are light, bright and state of the art.

​We have the some of the best and most experienced dance teachers in the South, allowing us to offer fantastic classes in a range of different styles that we’ve not been able to offer before.

124 Millbank Street, Southampton, SO14 5QN

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