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Kids Tap Classes: High energy tap dancing to fun pop sounds and funky music – what’s not to love about this dance style?! Children will burn off that excess energy while vigorously tapping and increasing cardiovascular fitness, building muscle control, co-ordination, flexibility and strength. Not to mention the concentration, musicality and numerical skills required to keep up with the beat. 

Kids Combo Classes: In these classes the children will learn all three styles of Ballet/Tap/Modern. These classes start from as young as 3yrs and go up to 10yrs – after that the children can choose which styles they want to continue further. 

What to Wear

For their initial class leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt with trainers or shoes suitable to dance in can be worn. Once they enjoy the class and wish to enrol tap shoes can be ordered at reception or online. A uniform will be required for this class, information is available via our uniform website:  https://dms.mydancestore.co.uk/


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