Children LOVE to dance, it’s in their nature and its so beneficial to them too. So why choose ballet classes? Well ballet has a certain amount of charm and grace that you won’t get from other styles of dance. *disclaimer* we offer all sorts of other styles too.

What to look for in a good class

You want to make sure that your child is dancing in a safe and appropriate space to dance in, church halls and community centres are great spaces for dance BUT they rarely have the specialist equipment needed, the most concerning feature being the dance floor. Quite often the floor is dirty (have you tried scrubbing mud out of pink ballet tights?) and on a concrete base which can be damaging to little growing joints. At DM Studios we have a fully sprung wooden floor which is supportive and comfortable to dance on. We also have mirrors, ballet barres and air conditioning so that our little ballerinas get the best experience from their dance class.

You also want to find a really good teacher, one who has enough experience to know how to get the very best out of your little one and to know when to let them explore their own imagination and creativity.

What age can my child start Ballet

3 Years old is usually the youngest age for any budding ballerina, before this age children tend to lack the concentration needed for a 45 min class that is in just one style of dance. Even at the age of three though, please don’t expect your child to be performing pirouettes and skipping across the floor, its OK for them to just stand and watch for a few weeks or to be licking the mirrors and not really responding. They need time to watch and understand what is asked of them and to grow to love the dance style and teacher.

Even if your child is a little older, you are never too old to learn and we even offer adult ballet classes, however we won’t be as understanding if you lick the mirror in your first class.

How much does it cost

A good ballet class should cost no less than £5 a class. If it is cheaper than that then it is usually too good to be true. A professional teacher has worked a number of years to gain the qualifications needed and this should never be under valued. It’s vital that your child’s ballet teacher is qualified to teach ballet – particularly for very young children. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) warns that unqualified teachers can cause “untold physical damage”.

But what are the benefits of Ballet

Posture – posture is a core feature of ballet and will have your child stood and sat up straight in no time. As your child becomes more body aware she will start to become more flexible and core strength will be enhanced too.

Balance – As well as learning how to control and move her body to certain beats, music types and instruction, your child will gain improved balance, co-ordination and generally become more agile. These are key gross motor skills that are important for your child’s physical development.

Social skills – There will be plenty of interaction, so expect your child’s social skills and ability to interact with others of the same age to come on in leaps and bounds. Your child’s imagination is stretched as she learns to dance and stories are introduced into song and movements.

Self-control – Ballet is a very graceful art form and promotes manners, discipline and good behaviour, which are great everyday life skills for your child to develop.

So what are you waiting for? Get your child dancing today. It doesn’t have to be ballet, even, we have other styles too which will help them in so many ways to become a better person and give them the best start in life.

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