How excited we all were back in April when a film crew arrived to film us for the BBC show ‘Eat Well For Less’ . The kids had to taste different shop bought yoghurts to see which ones they liked best and rate them.  Then we did a lot of dancing whilst they filmed us. This all took about four hours…..

Then we waited and waited and waited! I thought they were never going to show us on TV.

Then last night at 8pm on BBC1 we were on Series 4 Episode 4!!!! It was so exciting to see the kids on the show. They all did really well, very professional and they’re dancing looked fab on screen.

Their choice of yoghurt was a bit different though and as always it wasn’t necessarily the big price tag item that won. I’ll let you watch the show to find out for yourself.

Here’s some screen shots from our TV Debut.  It was a great experience for the kids and the studios looked lovely too. Can’t wait for our next opportunity!

DM Dancers on TV

Eat Well For Less TV Show featuring DM Dancers

Eat Well For Less TV Show DM Dancers

Girls trying yoghurt on Eat Well For Less TV Show


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