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We Did It!  Our first show for the studios and it was such a success. On April 27th at The Hub Theatre, for one night only, we managed to club together 87 cast members from the age of 2 up to 65!  We showcased a wide variety of the different dance styles we have to offer at the studios ranging from Ballet to Street dance and everything in between.  We had our youngest age group right through to our adults all dancing to songs from the movies.  We had songs such as Moana, Lion King and Pinocchio through to Sister Act, Dream Girls and Les Miserables, twenty seven different pieces to be exact! The show was a complete sell out with parents desperately trying to get tickets to come and see it.

Hard work but well worth it…

The cast members worked on their show routines in class and had been perfecting them since we started back in January. We had a photo shoot and two main rehearsals for the show at the studios before the main event. In these rehearsals we had to view each routine and run through our finale song which was ‘One Night Only’ from the film Dream Girls. The cast members and teachers worked really hard during these rehearsals to make everything look perfect on the night.

DM Studios Show Cinemagic

Making Friends…

The best thing to come from the show though was not just the beautiful costuming, staging and dance but what happened backstage was magical and something totally priceless, people from different classes all chatting and laughing, kids who had never met forming life long friendships and a camaraderie and solidarity that will only come from a group of strangers being thrown together to put on a show! As a result we have had lots of people try new classes that they weren’t doing previously just off the back of being in or watching the show.

We cannot wait for next years show, which will be bigger and better…. If you want to be a part of it, make sure you follow us on Facebook or ask your teacher for more info.

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