DM Stage Academy teaching young people dancing, singing and acting. Nowadays its important to have all three disciplines mastered so that when you audition to be in a show or work in the entertainment industry you are competent in all three. A ‘Triple Threat’.  At least thats the end goal for most but lets rewind back a bit and look at the years of fun that can be had before…

Kids naturally seem to want to sing and dance at home or put on a ‘show’ for their friends and family.  Its great fun.  Well imagine that fun but guided by professionals and on a real stage with all their friends…

DM Stage Academy has been launched with the word FUN at the forefront of our minds.  We want every child from 5 to 16 to walk away from one of our sessions feeling like they’ve had a good time. Every Sunday between 10am and 12.30pm they learn 45 mins of singing, 45 mins of dancing and 45 mins of acting.  At the end of the 12 weeks we shall put on a performance for the parents and at the end of the year a show on a proper stage.

We have created this program so that your child learns through a proven system how to increase their confidence and express their creativity while being supported in a safe environment by our experienced teachers.

We are passionate about helping our students to develop their expertise and talents as well as helping them to become confident and creative individuals. We believe that performing arts not only cultivates beautiful singers, dancers and actors but also aids in the life skills needed to excel.


The benefits of all this are huge for the children, not just in the enjoyment stakes, but in other areas of their life too:

  • Confidence – even the shyest of children will benefit from our classes as they learn to develop and work on their self esteem and assurance.
  • Nurtures relationships – within our lessons the children learn to work as part of a team and will make lots of new friends.
  • Creativity – our classes will give your child the freedom to be creative and nurture their ideas and passions.
  • Aids concentration – it is proven that all three disciplines, drama, dance and singing will improve this skill.
  • Language and communication skills – learning new songs, reading scripts and working together towards a common goal will help your child to master more complex and complicated language in a fun and expressive way. The children are encouraged to use both facial expressions and body language too which is key to making them better and more effective communicators.
  • Aids physical development – dancing has many physical benefits for the developing bodies of children as well as having a positive impact on their health.

So really its a no brainer! Get your child involved in our Stage Academy!

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