We were very lucky to finally get to meet Robin on Sunday for a fun filled afternoon of Latin and Ballroom dancing. 

We kicked proceedings off with everyone enjoying a glass of fizz before getting down to the business of cha cha cha with our Beginners. Robin took us through the basics, giving out fantastic gems of knowledge as he went along. His teaching style, friendly and relaxed, Robin had everyone laughing and dancing along in no time. 

He took the Beginners through the basics of cha cha, waltz and samba. Partnering different ladies all the time (much to their excitement). 

After the hour long Workshop, Robin treated us to a Q&A session where he revealed secrets from the show, what it’s like being a professional dancer and how he actually lived in Southampton for a few years himself! 

Here’s our beginner group posing at the end of the session: 

Next up was the turn of our Improvers group who also got treated to a lot of tips and tricks for making their dancing look and feel better, along with a really cool cha cha routine that could be used to wow friends and family in the future. In this session Robin really broke down the technique and talked about leading and being led which is so important for performance. 

Afterwards they too were treated to a Q&A session, where some very probing questions were asked. Again Robin answered them all openly and honestly. 

Here’s the improvers group posing with Robin:

The feedback we’ve had since Sunday has been amazing. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the classes and social media has been a wash with ‘Robin selfies’! Here’s mine: 

We shall be hosting some more of these kinds of workshops at DM Studios so please keep in touch via facebook, twitter or Instagram to find out who’s coming next or drop me a line Hayley@dm-studios.co.uk 

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